Memorial Day: Freedom Ain’t Free

Memorial Day Memorial Day Jenn Budenz

Jenn Budenz visits the grave of her fiance’ with their 2-month-old baby.

Memorial Day Mary Mchugh

Mary McHugh spends time with her fallen husband.

As Memorial Day slowly ramped up the last couple of weeks, I hadn’t noticed the lack of observation of why or what we are remembering. And that’s okay, America has been in the middle of a war that seems to have no exit strategy, and we are all a little battle weary.

 Memorial Day Sacrifice

But now that Memorial Day is here I wanted to post a few photos of people that will view this holiday in a different light than the rest of us. The sailors, soldiers, and airmen  that lay down their lives so America can continue to be the best place on earth. We thank you. We celebrate Memorial Day to remember the dead. The people that died literally for us. We remember their sacrifice.

Memorial Day Freedom Aint free

It’s easy to forget that thousands and thousands of men and women have died keeping America safe. Although I served in the U.S. Air Force, I never saw combat and couldn’t even begin to relate to today’s servicemen who are on the front lines. I can’t imagine what it would be like to lose a friend standing next to you in the snap of a finger.

Memorial Day Mother says good-bye

A mother says goodbye to her son.

Thank you, people who are serving today, for doing a job nobody wants to do. We remember you.

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