Syrian Refugees – The Truth

Syrian Refugees

Syrian refugees

Here is what has happened.

A civil war has been in happening in Syria since 2011. This has led to 4.8 million people leaving the country due to the violence according to a U.N. report. A majority of the refugees have settled in Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, and other countries in the region. Most are waiting for the war to end so they can go back to their homes. Other countries have taken in refugees, but most at a nominal rate compared with the three countries listed above.

What is the problem? The countries in the immediate region do not have the infrastructure to assimilate this number of refugees into their society. This causes the refugees to go to other countries, sometimes legally, sometimes not. And this is where the trouble is exacerbated by the hosting governments not making it mandatory that the immigrants assimilate to that country’s society.

syrian Refugees


Over the past few months, some in America are pressuring the government to start taking in refugees and are receiving a tremendous backlash. Why? One, America’s recent track record of keeping track of people in this country is an unmitigated failure. Between the incoming flux of people from south of the border to Arabs arriving to act on their own agenda has showed how vulnerable we are.

Washington is no help. The status quo in Washington, under the control of leftists, bent on fundamentally transforming America (Muslims in America overwhelmingly support Democrats) and the progressive-lite GOP, which fears the “Islamophobia” smear nearly as much as the “racist” smear.

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Two is the crux of the matter. Americans do not trust Muslims. It seems we read or hear about a killing weekly involving radical Muslims showing the world their superiority. Countries that bend and allow Sharia law to be in effect, have suffered the consequences.

This from the National Review: What happens in France happens in Belgium. It happens in Sweden where much of Malmo, the third largest city, is controlled by Muslim immigrant gangs — emergency medical personnel attacked routinely enough that they will not respond to calls without police protection, and the police in turn unwilling to enter without back-up. Not long ago in Britain, a soldier was killed and nearly beheaded in broad daylight by jihadists known to the intelligence services; dozens of sharia courts now operate throughout the country, even as Muslim activists demand more accommodations. And it was in Germany, which green-lighted Europe’s ongoing influx of Muslim migrants, that Turkey’s Islamist strongman Recep Tayyip Erdogan proclaimed that pressuring Muslims to assimilate in their new Western countries is “a crime against humanity.”

In Europe, the crimes against society, namely women, has dramatically increased with the rise of immigrants from Islamic countries. And this has led to a disturbing trend in government. In Britain, it was revealed that close to 1,400 cases of gang rapes went unreported because the social workers were afraid that they would be labeled “Islamaphobic”.

The vast majority of refugees are good people who just want to live a peaceful life. If they can pass a rigorous background check then by all means, welcome. But as things stand, this just isn’t possible.

As a Christian, I am torn between helping people that need help, and protecting people from evil that will come into the country.


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