Hypocrisy Extraordinaire: Hollywood’s Finest

Hollywood Hypocrisy

Hypocrisy in Hollywood

Hollywood has always been and always will be liberal. It’s the Arts and this is L.A., so there should be no surprise there. And for the most part, there isn’t. But the tower of hypocrisy Hollywood has built makes the people of Babel stop and stare in wonder. There is no end to it. For the most part, I disagree heartily with a majority of what Hollywood and its entertainers have to say when they weigh in on current issues, but that’s not the issue today. I have Hollywood on blast because their collective behavior is in direct opposition to what they lecture us little people on. I shake my head a lot when I’m listening to what they say. Look,  I’m shaking my head now.

Let me say from the beginning that the only motivating factor in any of Hollywood’s decisions is the motivating factor the rest of corporate America uses. Money. Don’t let their rhetoric fool you. It’s always money.

Hypocrisy, sexism in Hollywood

Where to start? How about the cause de jour, sexism. You would think that in Hollywood there wouldn’t be a hint of any kind of this. Again, the perception is that Hollywood cares, because they are always down with the little guy or in this case, girl. Nobody should be oppressed. Equal rights, equal pay. This the call of the Democrat. And I couldn’t agree more. Nobody should be held back or taken advantage of. But women in this industry, year after year, are paid less, a lot less, only to be cast in the same 3 roles open to women, while having a much shorter career span than men. At 37 years of age, Maggie Gyllenhaal was told by an exec recently that she looked too old to be the girlfriend of a 55-year-old man. Really? This topic has been much ballyhooed in tinsel town recently. Jennifer Lawrence has talked about and written extensively on her experience with sexism the last three months. She wasn’t aware of how great the divide is between the overall compensation of women and men in the same movies. Turns out she was making 2% less than the male co-stars on the back end in American Hustle. Which means 2% of millions and millions of dollars. She’s not happy. Hypocrisy.

How about these stats: There are only 2 actresses in the Forbes Richest Top 100 in Entertainment(Lawrence and Scarlet Johannson) and only 28% of all movie roles went to women in the top films of 2014. And these are just a few. It goes on and on. Only 7% of directors in Hollywood are women. 4% of directors of the top films in the last 12 years were women. The point here is not the wide discrepancy in the opportunities and salaries between men and women. The point is that Hollywood, the self-appointed czar of injustice, has been lying to us for years. They don’t care about what women want or think. Why? Money, money, money. They believe men make more money at the box office. Done.

Hypocrisy Racism in Hollywood

It’s the same for racism. Not one Academy Award nomination for a black actor or actress this year. That’s is wrong. There was noise about a boycott and Chris Rock’s monologue at the Oscars was filled with jabs at the Academy. But nothing was done.  Because anyone would lose what little work they have if they rocked the boat.  And it’s the same bottom line here, blacks don’t make as much as whites, so they hire whites. Yes, they do it. And yes, they are telling us not to do it. LOUDLY. Hypocrisy

guncontrol hypocrisy in hollywood

How about gun control? You can’t click on a page without reading about some celeb touting that gun control is the answer to America’s violence. The list of stars who support this and then turn around and make their money acting in movies with a lot of shooting and killing is long. Again, the whole issue is asinine, claiming gun violence will go down if there are laws prohibiting guns in society. There are numerous examples of cities and countries who have banned guns and are the most highly rated city/country in terms of murder by guns. Take Switzerland who doesn’t ban guns and has the third lowest homicide rate of Europe’s developed countries. Then there is Brazil where gun sales are banned to the public. They have homicide rate three times what it is in the U.S. But this isn’t the issue.

gun control hypocrisy in Hollywood

Recently, a group of A-listers led by Bradley Cooper, Jessica Alba, and Will Ferrell sent a letter to President Obama saying how happy they were with that he was finally taking steps to end this national disgrace. Not my take on how to end the violence, but I get what they are saying. How many of these stars have been in movies that have gun violence? Cooper was up for the Academy Award for playing a sniper, for goodness sake.

How about those cursed capitalists. Anti-capitalist Michael Moore has made a living creating documentaries portraying himself as a champion of the people. A champion that has made 50 million dollars, owns nine houses and a private jet. You don’t hear a lot about that, do you? Hypocrisy.

leo hypocrisy in hollywood gun control

Leonardo DiCaprio has been spouting his carbon footprinting nonsense for years. I’m not against him saying this, I’m against him getting into his Lear jet and flying all over the world leaving a mile wide footprint right after he gives us his best speech on the evils of emissions. Good grief.

What is going to change this whole thing? Most say, nothing. It will always be like this. Or we just need to keep talking about it and it will change.  I don’t agree. The actors are going to have to start naming names. This is the only way that it will change. What’s the name of the executive that negotiated with a woman and gave her less than her co-star? Not until we get specific names will the game be changed. People have to be accountable. Public perception and shaming are powerful tools. These execs hide behind the power of hiring people to do a film and make a living. They use that as a weapon. It won’t be until the actresses stop caring about getting hired and report to the media who is throwing them under the bus. It will be hard. But anytime anything like this has changed in American society it has come at a cost. Rosa Parks comes to mind.

Please consider this the next time you hear a celebrity explain the intricacies of the latest emergency cause. Hypocrisy.

Do you agree? Let me know.