The Slow Death of the USA: Political Correctness

Political Correctness

Political Correctness

No, political correctness is not something “new”. It has been around for as long as opinions have been around. In Salem, I’m sure it was okay to call out witches back in the day and not worry about being called a bigot. What I’m talking about is the arrival of a political correctness cruise ship that is no longer just an idea, but a way of life. And if you aren’t on board, you’re going overboard.

The most easily noticed is the LBGT community and its agenda. They came into the national spotlight preaching tolerance. We’re here, we’re queer, get used to it. Fine, no problem. It’s not for me, but I’m not the judge, and I’ll love you no matter what. But the agenda was not about being “gay” and being accepted into society. This is about changing laws and overturning elections to force a change in our culture. It is no longer okay to just be tolerant, you must recognize and fight for the struggle or you’re against us. Gays have equated what they are doing with the equal rights movements of the 60s. Equal rights, equal everything. Their cause is now a runaway train that has no end. Gay weddings, transgender bathrooms, and litigation for people who won’t conform (bakers) are just the beginning.

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I don’t have children, but if I had grade school daughters, I certainly wouldn’t let them near a transgender bathroom. There are so many things wrong with this concept, it’s hard to put into words. I feel like I’m explaining how life should be to somebody from another planet. We don’t like rape/assault/looking weird at a female, but we will put them at risk by allowing men who “believe”, at least for that day, that they are REALLY a woman to use the same facilities.


My problem is that you are GOING TO MAKE SURE that the rest of the 99.99 percent of the population give you every opportunity to realize your true self. Whether we like it or not. Whether our rights are stomped on or not. Even at the expense of the well-being of our children. A celebrity recently said, “We used to be worried about the safety of girls, rather than the thoughts of a man.” TRUTH.

At the University of Tennessee, a gay professor proposed that the hideously offense him and her be replaced with the soothing ze. That’s right, ze.

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Fortunately, this was shot down by the Tennessee BoE. For how long?

As my right as an AMERICAN citizen, I have to say all of this is frivolous drivel. The issue isn’t tolerance. The issue is conformity without protest to somebody’s wishes, your feelings or safety be damned. The LBGT community does not want tolerance, they want approval to use their platform in changing how sexuality is defined in America. There is no man or woman. There is what you think you are. Or what you want to be. Or wish you could be. Take your pick.


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VIEWPOINT: Our society is not progressing, it is decomposing.  


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