My Olympics



The Olympic Games have come and gone and have left us all with images we will retain for a long time. Rio hosted the Summer games this time around and I honestly thought it  would be an unmitigated disaster. Between the crime and the pollution in the water, I was just waiting for something to happen that would mar the event. Didn’t happen. The Games had a few moments of stupidity which I will write about in a sec, but overall I saw a well-run competition with the backdrop of a gorgeous city. Good job, Rio.


Alrighty, first things first. America. I was absolutely amazed at how far they kicked everybody in the teeth regarding the medal count. USA – 121 China – 70, was the last count  saw. That’s fifty-one freakin’ medals more than the next country. Granted, a lot of the medals were won in the pool, but they beat the medaled in almost every sport. Which leads me to Michael Phelps. This guy has won


If Phelps was his own country he would be 3rd in overall swimming medals won. WHAT? That’s right, he is his own country.


The final five were outstanding. Stat of the day: They beat their closest competitor by almost 10 points in the overall. There are four events and three gymnasts per country for the team race. That’s 12 individual events, where an 10 point lead was earned. Which means that for EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN EVERY SINGLE EVENT the girls beat their competitor by a score of .75 to 1 point. For those not familiar with gymnastic scoring, they team event is almost always decided by a point or less. 8 POINTS. Total domination.


USA gymnansts annhilates the competition.

Bolt is a beast. Enough said.


Kyle Snyder was the lone gold medalist for the US in men’s wrestling. Which capped a pretty good year for the 20-old. He won a world championship, an NCAA title, then capped it off with an Olympic gold medal in 2016. Now he goes back to Ohio State and completes his junior year. The only other medal earned by the men was from J’Den Cox, a University of Missouri junior, who had also won an NCAA championship this year. Jordan Burroughs, this Olympic’s it man, got beaten twice by inferior opponents. Youth was served.


On the other side is Ryan Lochte. To be honest, I have not liked this guy from the start. He reminds me of a frat guy from the rich-boy’s house that thinks whatever he does is okay. And that is exactly what he thought would happen with his latest episode. Four swimmers stop at a convienence store to use the restroom. They are told they can’t so they do like every male has done, peed in the back parking lot. I’m okay with this. What I’m not okay with is Lochte ripping down a metal sign. Security was on the scene and things went downhill form there. What rankles me is the lying. Come on, you’re an idiot if you think the truth isn’t going to come out. It starts to and what does he do? Lochte flys home, leaving his teammates to pick up the pieces. Now, he looks like more of a ________ than ever.


I love the Olympics. And even with knowing what is going happen way ahead of seeing it on the screen, I still get excited when the swimmer/runner gets in their block.

What did you like?

U S A, U S A

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