Busy is a Four Letter Word


Busy is Busy

Busy is a four letter word. At least in my dictionary. Business has become the currency of perceived success in today’s society.  People’s default answer to, “How are you?” has become “Busy”. If you say something different, you feel like a failure. I mean if you are not busy now a days, you are slacking. You need to be out there “making it happen”. Do you ever feel that pressure to just do something? Anything? All the time?

Too Busy

Why am I so bitter? It started with a friend saying he was going to call me at a certain time on a certain day. That day came and went with no call. When I finally saw him I asked why he didn’t call. Of course his answer was, “I was busy”. Here is the deal, people. There are 24 hours a day in every single one of our lives. So we prioritize events in our lives in order of importance to get through it the best we see how. If you don’t do something you say you would because you are busy, what you are really saying is that something was not a priority. I had more important things to do. Of course, you will never hear anyone say this but it’s the truth. But there is a saying, “Don’t mistake activity for productivity”. We get so wrapped up in busyness that we forget to achieve. Appearance is not achievement.

Addicted to busy

My whole point is to look at your activities and evaluate whether the time you are spending on any given issue is paying out. What is your return on your investment? In this case, time is your investment. God has given you so much time. Life is too short to spend it on things you will not see results from. This could be material or emotional, it depends on the issue. Don’t get caught up in being that busy guy or gal. Be that productive guy or gal instead.

Beware the barrenness of a busy life.

Do you agree? Let me know.