Graduation Day – Moving On

Graduation Day

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I’ve written about my time ministering to the junior highers at my church (Saddleback). Today was a big day for all. Today was the day when the 8th graders took over the room and did everything for both services. From greeting to games to ministry to message, they did it all. And my guys came up big. Alston ran tech, JLo was the game master, poor Max, who lost his voice the night before, was relegated to blending the drink for the losers of the game (OJ, meat loaf, mashed potatoes – Yummy), and finally, there was Ethan who knocked it out of the park with the message.

Movie NIght Graduation Day

What has got me so jacked is that Ethan’s message was about our life group. I know the message subject was given to him, but he could have gone a number of ways with it. What I’m trying to communicate is that he spoke with enthusiasm about what Jack and I have trying to instill into the boys the entire year, don’t procrastinate and you’d better have a plan when sin comes knocking on your door or else you’re dead in the water. Ethan is the president of ASB at his junior high. With his sister, Megan, being the President at her high school, there isn’t a lot of room for error with this kid. Although his parents a super, Ethan still lives in a hectic, compare yourself to everybody else society. I don’t know if you are aware, but being a teenager today is not the same as it was when we grew up. I wasn’t aware of this until I started leading this group of boys two years ago. There is such a demand on their time that it is sometimes ridiculous.

Summer Camp Graduation Day

We live in Irvine, one of the safest cities in the country. There is virtually no crime,  no homeless in the street, and every shopping center is well maintained. I call it the Irvine Bubble. And these kids live in this Bubble. Most of them have been here their whole lives. The average home costs approximately 1 million dollars. The amazing thing is that these kids do not have the sense of entitlement that you would think that young teens would have given they live here. Most of them come from homes with 2 parents and siblings.

I am really proud of my guys. This was their last day in junior high. At least in this ministry. They still have a week or so of school to muddle through. That being said, the next time they come to church will be as high schoolers. And if you think back to when you made that move, you know it can be traumatizing. But I am excited. It means my last day in JHM, the junior high ministry, also. I’m as jacked as my guys to move on up.

Baptrism Sunday Graduation Sunday

I also wanted to mention that I went to the senior high service today and watched the class of 2016 sit in their last day of their ministry. It was so bittersweet seeing the kids I’ve known these couple of years becoming adults, ready to take on the world. Many tears were shed, both adults and students.

Halloween Graduation Day

Such is life. Going and coming. Arriving and leaving. I thank God that he is in charge. These next four years are going to be precious. I hope God keeps me from messing things up too bad.

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