Understanding the Love of God

Have you ever sat down and fathomed the magnitude of God’s love. It is truly overwhelming. What comes to your mind when you think of the love of God? Does it mean to you that he looks after you on a daily basis, making sure you have a roof over your head and food in… Read more Understanding the Love of God

Memorial Day: Freedom Ain’t Free

Memorial Day  Jenn Budenz visits the grave of her fiance’ with their 2-month-old baby. Mary McHugh spends time with her fallen husband. As Memorial Day slowly ramped up the last couple of weeks, I hadn’t noticed the lack of observation of why or what we are remembering. And that’s okay, America has been in the… Read more Memorial Day: Freedom Ain’t Free


Brotherhood: War and Sports

Brotherhood   The stories are never ending. Men of any age arrive at their annual reunion with the company they served with in the war and it’s like they never were out of touch. Guys who played varsity basketball together and finished last will meet up and talk about the good old days. What these… Read more Brotherhood: War and Sports