My Thoughts on a Horrific Election

2016 Election First, let me state that I did NOT vote for Donald Trump. That being said, it is not surprising to see the left mystified at what transpired on Tuesday. It was in the bag. The train had left the station. What was thought to have been a glorious coronation of liberalism turned out… Read more My Thoughts on a Horrific Election

Syrian Refugees respond to allah

Syrian Refugees – The Truth

Syrian Refugees Here is what has happened. A civil war has been in happening in Syria since 2011. This has led to 4.8 million people leaving the country due to the violence according to a U.N. report. A majority of the refugees have settled in Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, and other countries in the region. Most… Read more Syrian Refugees – The Truth

Memorial Day: Freedom Ain’t Free

Memorial Day¬† Jenn Budenz visits the grave of her fiance’ with their 2-month-old baby. Mary McHugh spends time with her fallen husband. As Memorial Day slowly ramped up the last couple of weeks, I hadn’t noticed the lack of observation of why or what we are remembering. And that’s okay, America has been in the… Read more Memorial Day: Freedom Ain’t Free