The Immeasurable Hypocrisy of the NCAA

NCAA Hypocrisy

Tom Emmert NCAA President

What was going to be a post on the discrepancy of the amount of money the Power 5 conferences make compared to what the Group of 5 makes and the total annihilation of fairness or equality because of the disparity. It is now on the back burner til next week. After doing some digging on the NCAA, it is very apparent that their idea of what fair is is very different than mine. And because of this, I can say without a doubt that this institution is nothing more than a money-making business, mainly for the schools in the said Power 5 conferences. Don’t let them fool you.


I really don’t like the NCAA. They are dishonest while supposing to be the epitome of what college sports are supposed to look like. What I thought of once as a governing body for college sports has turned into a nightmare where the decisions about the amount of money schools make are governed by the schools receiving the most money(I’m not making this up). Is this ever going to change? Not a chance. The NCAA and its Power 5 conferences have a multi-billion dollar train cruising the tracks. Why would they want to pull off and let more people on? I digress. Let me tell you what is on my mind now.


In case you haven’t heard the NCAA has pulled 7 different sporting events that were scheduled to take place in North Carolina from the state because of a law that states men should use men’s bathrooms and women should use the women’s potty. The bible says in the last days that good will be considered evil, and evil will be thought of as good. Meaning, issues will get twisted around and it will be normal. You will be in the minority to feel differently. If this doesn’t hit the nail on the head right here then nothing does. Here is the curriculum for being able to use another sex’s bathroom. Ready? I just don’t feel like a man today, I feel like a woman. WHAT? Feelings are going to be the litmus test when identifying each other’s sex? So, NCAA, this is the way the sports are going to run, correct? How I feel is going to determine whether I’m on the boys or the girl’s team.


The NCAA Policy on Transgender Student-Athlete Participation states, “Any transgender student-athlete who is not taking hormone treatment related to gender transition may participate in sex-separated sports activities in accordance with his or her assigned birth gender.” So, you are pulling sporting events from a state that supports the same definition of what constitutes what sex somebody is that you do also? REALLY?

Hypocrisy. It doesn’t stop there. The NCAA is sponsored by numerous countries that have less than stellar laws when it comes to this issue. For example, the football championship game the ACC’s conference voted to move from Charlotte in December is called the “Dr. Pepper ACC Football Championship.” Dr. Pepper is owned by Cadbury Schweppes and Carlyle Group. They sell their products in countries where homosexuality is illegal without batting an eye. Will the ACC drop its title sponsor? NO. Why isn’t the LGBT community telling the world you HAVE TO sever ties with such a “hateful” corporate sponsor? Because we are talking dollars here. We can find other venues to hold these sporting events and make the same amount of money as we would have in Charlotte. And we’ll look like we are progressive at the same time. (nod nod wink wink)

Right now, LGBT relationships are illegal in more than 70 countries—including 10 where homosexuality is punishable by death. Dr. Pepper is usually bottled by Coca-Cola bottlers—yet Coca-Cola conducts business in virtually every nation, including nearly every country where homosexuality is currently illegal.  NCAA, can you continue to tolerate that? Yep.

The ACC plugs Toyota as an “Official Corporate Champion,” yet Toyota has built and uses factories and distribution centers in more than one of the discriminatory countries, including Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Egypt.

NCAA: These issues are all overseas. The issue we are talking about is in this country. We will not stand for such intolerance. Examples need to be set.

Question, NCAA: Have you ever cut a sponsorship for a major bowl game for any reason? Just wondering.

The only example I see is the NCAA making yet another decision that has no merit in reality, only in what-should-be land.


The NCAA no more cares about this issue than it does with the embargo that was placed on Cuba. They are only posturing for the world to be seen as a champion of the progressive citizen.


I thought I would point that out.



Do you agree? Let me know.