My Thoughts on a Horrific Election

2016 Election


First, let me state that I did NOT vote for Donald Trump.

That being said, it is not surprising to see the left mystified at what transpired on Tuesday. It was in the bag. The train had left the station. What was thought to have been a glorious coronation of liberalism turned out to be a slap in the face. Wake up, America said. And libs are still groggy thisi morning, coming out of the Clinton coma they have been under the last six months. This was not what they signed up for.

The entire Clinton campaign reminded me of a petulant child who has his fingers in his ears, screaming at the top his lungs so he doesn’t have to pay attention to you. Let’s begin with the most important stat of the day. Over 60% of the country is NOT happy with the direction the country is going. So, if you’re a democrat, following a two-time elected democrat into the Presidential office, and you see that stat, you had better tell the public that there is a┬áchange coming. I didn’t hear that once come out of Hilary’s mouth.

So, where did they go wrong?

Obamacare, higher taxes, and war are a few issues that should have been addressed by her. I didn’t hear anything about that come out of Hilary’s mouth. While Trump’s Make America Great Again campaign slogan was a winner. There were plenty of Americans tired of being treated like lepers by the rest of the world, especially when we provide, BY FAR, the most social and governmental aid. Then there is that whole terrorist thing which seems like we’ve fought by ourselves the whole time. Wasn’t Obama going to get us out of the war? By using that slogan, Trump tapped into the hidden anger and frustration of the most plentiful demographic, the uneducated, white male. They came out in droves and turned the tide for Trump. This demographic certainly did not want another four years like the last eight had been. They are tired of being the cause of every ill, the brunt of every joke. While lives matter too, guys. And we can prove it. POW, right in the liberal kisser.

I don’t think I’m too far from the truth when I say her lack of character inhibited her greatly. She, honestly, should be under indictment. There is ample evidence of her sending classified emails in a non-approved method. There is no excuse, and then to find the F.B.I. let her off twice was another body blow to the Clinton stomach. I don’t believe she realizes most Americans think she is an out right liar and would have said anything to get elected. If we can’t trust her with emails, how are we going to trust her with the entire government? There are too many bumps on her own road of integrity to be able to assume there would not be more of the same. I still think she will have to answer for this debacle only for the fact that service men have been court martialed for doing the EXACT SAME THING. To pile on to the untruthfulness of Clinton, I present Exhibit B, the Benghazi FUBAR. There was a ball dropped in that incident and the evidence screams for the State department to be held accountable for the lack of leadership. People died when they shouldn’t have. Again, passing the blame, when accepting the blame and calling for new procedures to be implemented was the way to go.

Lastly, there is the media and the Hollywood left or as I like to call it, Hollywood. The pure, unadulterated bias that all of the major media outlets showed Clinton was going to win was nauseating. There were only TWO polls out of hundreds that had Trump winning. How could these “experts” get this so wrong? Because they started believing their own poop. With the help of Hollywood, it was going to be certain that if you didn’t vote for Clinton you would not be the progressive the world needed. Which is the pinnacle of what a lib needs to be. I don’t see the left’s way of governing as progressive. Socialism is not progressive. Giving away somebody’s income because somebody else doesn’t make that kind of money is not progressive. It’s insanity.

All in all, I think the election was right on time. Even though I didn’t vote for Trump, I see him as a potentially great president. I was reminded in 1980 when Reagan was given the Republican party nomination. Jimmy Carter and his cronies were high-fiving in the White House that day. “A Hollywood actor? Against a sitting president? Walk in the park.” I hope Trump can win the day. I know this. He will have plenty of opportunities to do a lot more than Obama did.

Do you agree? Let me know.