Deflategate: The Blowout of the Year


Deflategate- The Blowout of the Year

Welcome to Deflategate. Tom Brady never had a chance. We, the public, might have been led to believe that the process in which Brady was ultimately suspended four games was fair and unbiased. Let’s call the NFL what it really is. A monopoly. They are the judge, jury and executioner of any supposed transgressions players might find themselves embroiled in during their careers. Brady’s suspension is just latest in the buffoonery¬†propagated by the league.

The NFL is concerned with one thing. Making the owners money. Period. And be that as it may, there is as much drama among the owners as an episode of Pretty Little Liars. Nobody likes a winner, least of all the losers. So, owner Robert Kraft has his work cut out for him every time he goes into work at Patriots headquarters. They are despised by the rest of the league and the other team’s fans. Because they win. And they don’t care what you think about them. Which makes people want to take them down all that much more. The owners could hardly contain themselves when it appeared that the Patriots had underinflated their footballs during a championship game. That’s right. Millions of dollars have been spent on whether or not the team had enough air in the football during the game. Because Roger Goodell said they didn’t, Tom Brady will sit on the sidelines for the first four games of the upcoming NFL season.

The NFL is not concerned about the players. The movie, “Concussion”, is all the proof you need. The League played the baby brother of the tobacco companies, denying that playing the game had a detrimental effect on the players. Even though they knew about it and had documentation years in advance. Why didn’t they just reveal to the world that former players were indeed at risk? MONEY. Surprise! The justice system will be filled with lawsuits from now until the cows come home with suits from former players.

The most amazing thing in all of this to me is that we are talking about how much air is in a football. During 20 degree weather. I shake my head everytime ¬†I try to put credence to the theory that the Patriots had an “advantage” if it were true. I want someone to come out of hiding and tell me I’m being punked. The sports media has gotten all up in arms about the importance of the issue. Only because it gives them something to talk about. So whenever you hear somebody complain about some stupid rule at work, remember Brady will lose close to a 12 million dollars because he didn’t have enough air in his ball.


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