Do Black Lives Matter Only When Whites Take Them?

Black Lives

MLK No Hate

Where will this end?

That is a very good question, thank you very much. Will white people ever stop acting out with unnecessary violence against a certain group of black people? Will blacks ever be happy with the way society views them? With the amount of pre-existing prejudice deeply instilled in both sides, I doubt it.

First, because I am white, I must issue the following…I have never been prejudice and am not a racist. That being said, I don’t have to prove this to anybody. I know. God knows. There are many black people I know say that no matter what, I will never understand what it means to black in America. End of discussion, go away. But an eye for an eye has never worked in society and will NEVER work.

.Dallas Pd Hate

The most recent episode in this long-running race war has 5 Dallas police officers dead and many injured. The trigger man was black. He felt justified killing because white policemen in other cities in the U.S. have killed young black men without provocation. Here is the problem. It DOESN’T matter what injustice they thought they were righting. Feelings are not the issue here.  Here is what should happen: The white officers in the other states should be prosecuted. DONE For all intensive purposes, the videos show the policeman killing without any intentional provocation by the victim. Murder.

The policeman and the Dallas incident are two different events, two different issues. There is no right for killing someone without provocation. There is no right for killing anybody with a certain skin color because somebody else with that same skin color did something wrong. There is no justification either way. NO MATTER WHAT. It’s murder both ways.

All Lives Matter.

Unfortunately, the police shootings are justified, by both white and black people. Twitter is on fire with people saying it was okay. A reporter for says this about police getting killed, “It is still sadly necessary to remind the nation and our law enforcement that black lives matter”

Which is a great lead-in for my issue. There is a BIG movement going on right now because of the white officers shooting innocent black men, it’s called the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement. Their cause is to bring attention to this problem. As far as I know, they have been non-violent. I do not believe the shooter(s) from last night were part of their cause. The problem I have with BLM is is the absence of outrage for the thousands of black people killed by other black people annually?I believe that blacks would receive ALOT more understanding if their rage wasn’t solely directed at whites.

Do Black Lives Matter only when white men take them?

But at the end of the day, there is only one way ANY of this will change. Jesus. That’s it. Both sides are so far over the line, I find it hard believing anyone taking a step back. And this is exactly what Satan wants. He wants us killing each other over hate. That is him in  a nutshell. I’d like to think God will spare us any more deaths, but that is not reality. If this life is a test, a lot of us are failing. Are you doing what you can for peace?

Do Black Lives Matter? Yes. Do all lives matter? Yes.

But if we have to make it a choice of color when deciding who dies and who wins then we all lose.

Do you agree? Let me know.