Crime Anatomy: A Prosecutor’s Fight for Injustice?


Scott Sanders Injustice

Have you ever heard of Scott Sanders? NO, that’s okay.

He’s a public defender in Orange County, CA.

I hadn’t heard of him either until I opened up a periodical recently and read about what he has revealed to the public here in southern California. It hit at the heart of what I hate and everything that I want to stand against. Sanders has revealed major misconduct from the District Attorney’s office, especially in two recent death penalty cases. The DA’s office has evidently used jailhouse informants that have been planted to obtain confessions in that criminal’s legal proceedings.


That’s a big no-no. Prosecutions are allowed to use testimonies of criminals as long as they were not set up to ahead of time to elicit that information.

I can’t stand injustice. I loathe it. I can’t stand when people use whatever power they have to further their career and get ahead. ¬†But to use your office to put a man on death row is absolutely despicable. There is no excuse, at least there shouldn’t be. When you are charged with protecting the public, you cannot cheat to get the results you want. Being a cheat is bad enough. But cheating and taking a man’s freedom away takes it to another level.

I can hear some now say, what if they knew this guy was the killer? Then you need to get the evidence in an honest way, by the rules. Because there are way too many instances where innocent men have gone to jail because law enforcement cut corners. Planting evidence, creating evidence, using testimony that didn’t exist has been used by prosecutors to obtain a guilty verdict much more than we care to know.

Let me be honest. I’m a staunch Republican. I am pro-law enforcement so much it hurts. I think criminals are mollycoddled way too much in America. Liberals have made it society’s fault that criminals are the way they are. I am all for people taking responsibility for their actions. And paying for their crimes. What I am describing here is in now way or shape this kind of action.

Which leads me to a man that pays with his life for a crime he didn’t commit because somebody lied. Forget all the voices in your head right now saying “what if” and think about this. Somebody has gone to prison for life or has been executed because law enforcement/the prosecutors office has done something illegal. That is not the way it’s supposed to work. ¬†Imagine the hell he and his family and friends go through. Years upon years of doubt, grief and expense hanging like a millstone around their neck. It’s flat out wrong.

SOLUTION: In the spirit of reaping what you sow, I propose that if an injustice such as this is found out, the guilty parties that have taken part in the cover-up serve the exact sentence the falsely convicted has served. This will make some pause before trying to get away with murder. That would be justice in my world.

The Innocence Project

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