Why is Losing Weight so Freaking Hard?

Losing Weight.

Losing weight for real?

I admit it. I like to eat. On occasion, I’ve been accused of loving to eat. Guilty as charged, Officer.  But as my body ages, I am no longer able to eat the same amount of the same things in the same way as I did when I was younger and not notice a considerable increase of the numbers on my scale. I can no longer have late night pizza or carne asada burritos. It’s not fair.

Inner me losing weight

Which leads me to the question, even when I’m eating good and exercising consistently, why is losing weight so freaking hard?  Should it be this hard? I admit I don’t eat perfectly, but my gosh, it seems like if I don’t eat kale and chicken every meal, I have no chance of dropping a few lbs. What kind of life is that? I can do a lot with the chicken, but kale is like eating flavored dirt. I’m sorry, but if the kale fits, eat it.

Eat anything you want losing weight

One of the biggest misnomers going around is the myth that you can eat pretty much anything you want to if you are working out. NOT TRUE. You might be able to cheat a little bit more, but you can certainly not indulge in a bowl Dyers Butter Pecan on a nightly basis.

Cheat day and losing weight

I know my Sundays are going to be absolutely worthless to me and my quest to look slimmer. I volunteer at my church and serve with the junior high ministry. Saddleback is a very generous church with regards to its volunteers, and they have a plethora of available snacks to munch on when arriving on Sunday morning. McDonalds egg biscuit thingys, breakfast burritos, and the obligatory box of donuts are there for me. That’s just the start. Coffees, pancakes, juices, fruits, protein bars are there calling my name. The problem is that if I’m eating clean during the week, I know on Sunday, it’s going to put me right back at square one come Monday. Phooey.

One of the main problems with eating well is the cost associated with it. It cost much more to eat good and the food companies take advantage of that fact. My local Sprouts store doesn’t have a dollar menu if you know what I’m saying. As long as it is more expensive to eat well, America is going to be fat. Then there is the taste. There is almost nothing worse than somebody totally into fitness who will tell you ad naseum about how her broccoli and kale smoothies are the best things they have ever tasted. Give me a slice of a Meat Lovers pizza and go eat your wheatgrass.

I want to eat good. I really do. And I like exercising. Most of the time. It just seems the amount of time I have to spend on both in relation to the amount of weight I do or do not lose is very uneven. I didn’t sign up for this.

I sure hope there is food in heaven and that everybody’s wish that you can eat as much as you want and not gain a pou   BRB…I’m hungry.

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  1. Truer words were never spokena fellow foodie!!

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