Local Man Serves the Church by Letting Others Serve Him

I’m a Giver, What Can I Say?

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Robert Radcliffe is intent on fulfilling his role in the church. He decided last May to start serving at his local church, Good New Bible Church, located in Texarkana. He had been thinking about how and where to serve since becoming a member last month. And then it came to him. “I was lying on my bed in the basement of my parent’s house when it hit me. People that want to serve have to have someone TO serve. What better way for me to give than by letting others who want to serve, serve me?” When asked to explain, Robert continued, “People feel so much better about themselves when they are able to give someone a meal or give somebody clothes. I have made it known that I am available for people to fulfill their ministry gifts through. I’m a giver, what can I say.”


The unemployed 45 year-old doesn’t think it’s taking advantage of people’s generosity. He says, “That’s just not true. I provide an outlet for people who want to serve God. Think of me as a lightning rod for givers. I just let God work through me. I really just feel that the people making a big stink about this are just jealous they didn’t think of this before I did. I’m praying for them.”
Ethan Long is Robert’s pastor at Good News. He said, ” Robert is a unique case. He is such a new Christian that we do not want to discourage him from trying to do good. But we have to weigh that against the good of the church. If we were to get one complaint from someone who has given to him, then we would have a problem. As of now, we are monitoring the situation closely. So far, so good.”


Robert’s parents, Sally and Aaron, have expressed glee with his decision to serve. “Listen, anything that gets him out of our hair for even a little while is a blessing. He is 45 for goodness sake, he needs to get going”, said his father.


“Listen, everybody who has served me from the church is being blessed by God. Maybe not here on earth, but certainly when they get to heaven. Why would you want to stand in the way of that?” Robert concluded

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