Back To School…NOW

Back to School


I don’t have kids. But I have plenty of friends that do. And this time of the year is easily the most favorite for many of them. I know it’s late August/early September by the look of the stay at home Moms I see at the gym. They can’t help it. They have been subconsciously counting down to the start of school since the end of June.

Spending your time playing chauffeur, cook, laundress for all of your waking hours will make anyone tired. For me, that would be about a week. All of these activities are all day, every day. Staples has the best commercial regarding this. In the background is playing, “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”, parents are gliding through the aisles at Staples buying school supplies for their kids, who stand against the wall, moping. The look of glee on the parent’s faces pretty much sums up the entire summer experience in that thirty-second ad.


Only nine more months until you have to do it again, but that’s okay, you’ll love your kids by then.

So another school year is upon us, so parents rejoice, your sentence has been reduced to time served.

Do you agree? Let me know.