Weinstein: Everybody Knew


Harvey Weinstein

The arrogance of Hollywood continues to roll down the track.

This week, the entire entertainment community came out from under their collective rocks and denounced fallen mogul, Harvey Weinstein. Weinstein has finally been outed by a plethora of women for charges rape, sexual harassment. This guy is as manipulative and ruthless as they come, a predator of the worst kind.

One accuser, French actress Lea Seydoux, came out on Wednesday saying, “Everyone knew what Harvey was up to.” To be sure.

Let’s not be deterred or led astray by the piling on of most celebs. Seydoux was correct. The entire community KNEW this man was engaging in this type of behavior for decades but due to his powerful position, kept their mouths shut. Not wanting to miss out on any business, they shrugged their shoulders and slapped each other on the back. What are you gonna do? they said to each other. You’d have to be an idiot to want to take on Harvey. Or you’d have to be somebody with a soul.

Now, you just look stupid, Hollywood. No, you look like you always do, insincere. You can’t be responsible for the continuance of a crime, then come forward at the end to say “what a shame.” While you didn’t commit the crime, make no mistake, Hollywood, you helped.

How many of you came out years ago when Ashley Judd and Rose McGowan tried to tell the world but were quickly silenced and black-balled from the industry? There was a New York Times article that was going to press back in 2004 but was pulled due to pressure from the Hollywood community. Where were you? In fact, there have been numerous stories started but never came to press because of the cowardice of the people involved. Don’t tell us you didn’t know what was going on. Tell us you didn’t have the courage to do the right thing.

Why am I hacked off? Because I am fed up with reading about Hollywood putting down anything conservative at every turn when issues like this are a regular occurrence. Hollywood is the most racist and sexist industry there is. And the people in it lie to our face and tell us it’s not. They have become so caught up in their own vitrol that they have lost the respect of everyone but themselves.

What about the young actresses who are in that same exact position today? Do you think they feel safe now?

What if it was your daughter or sister? Would you feel safe?

Do you agree? Let me know.