One Percenter to President?

Who wants to be President? The presidential race is here and the one percenter is also. The presidential primaries are in full swing, with the election only 8 months away. The Republicans are trotting out Trump, Cruz and Ruiz while the Dems have Clinton and Sanders.

Is Bernie Sanders A One-Percenter?

According to the Twitterverse, if elected in the November general election, Bernie Sanders would be the first non-millionaire president since Harry Truman in 1945. But is that accurate? The self-described socialist and income inequality crusader who is …
Truth be told, I don’t think it matters anymore. Even though I still believe America is the greatest country in the world, I think our system is broken. Not just broken, but with no possibility of recovery. Of course, never say never with God, but I’m not so sure God hasn’t had enough.
I saw an interesting graphic awhile ago concerning the past Presidents and their occupations. It went something like this: As of the 60’s most Presidents had been lawyers or in the military. They have had jobs before. Fast forward to today and hardly any of the elected officials have had a job other than a politician. And there is the problem. When all you’ve known is compromise and back-stabbing, what are the chances that anything else will happen. With no term limits, officials stay in office stay in office way too long.
My other concern is the one percenters. Has anyone ever explained to you what the one-percenter even means? It means the 1% of the U.S.A.’s population holds 40% of its wealth. One percent owns 40 percent. How these people got their money is not what I’m upset about. The fact is that with these families getting even richer every day, causing an even greater downward turn for the middle and lower class. This discrepancy is so far out of whack that I don’t think it will ever be fixed. And the answer is not for the government to spread their wealth out to people who need it. That is called socialism and it has never worked.
I just think that the whole system is broken. The corruption is too far set and as long as the one percenters and friends continue to run the country/world, there will never be change. If you were one of these people, would you willingly give up your wealth? Maybe.
My point is that no matter who wins in November, expect more of the same. No one President will have the political power to make the sweeping changes that need to be made. Sorry.


Do you agree? Let me know.