What Happened To My Country?

What Happened to My Country?

My Country is hurting.

What happened to my country? What happened to my America? The country that was once proud of itself, who didn’t care what other nation’s thought because its conviction of truth was greater than its need for approval. What happened to the people who loved each other, who wanted the best for each other? Where did the love for the underprivileged, the not so fortunate go? When did we become a people of entitlement and offense?

What happened to our schools? When did they stop teaching the National Anthem? Why did they stop saying the Pledge of Allegiance? When did test scores and quotas become more important than character and perseverance? When did band become such a burden on the school system? Where is the outrage? Why haven’t the people done something?

When did our government lose its effectiveness? How come we’ve allowed professional politicians to govern our land? When did a lobbyist’s money become more influential than the people’s voice? How could big oil and big pharma have such a tremendous impact on our country’s journey? How come electric cars and cancer cures aren’t common items in today’s life? Why does the government let a company’s profits become the litmus test for whether legislation becomes law?

We are a nation void of God. The truth is that these events will continue. We’ve accepted that it is what it is. I only wrote this because the magnitude of where we stand has been on my heart. We have fallen so far, so fast.


9 thoughts on “What Happened To My Country?

  1. Pleased to meet you mr. Bruner. Thank you for adding me on Twitter. Just so you know I don’t use Twitter hardly at all. But for the sake of meeting people like you I’m very glad that I’m on there. You and I have much in common. I was born in Canada with an American Heart. People like you are what makes me love America. I encourage you to follow me on WordPress I have much to share on the subject.. God bless you brother.

    1. Curtis, Thanks and welcome. I love the country I grew up with, not so much now. I will look you up on WP, my friend. God Bless.

  2. You resonate with many Americans, Tom. That’s why we’re experiencing the crazy election cycle we are today! Thanks for not driving to solutions, other than to call for an awakening of fellow citizens to exercise our freedoms that have been hard fought for. Ultimately, no man- made institution can meet all our needs.

    1. Thanks, Tommy. It seems that each election cycle has become more mean-spirited and less about the issues. It’s kind of a sign of our times that the media is more concerned with each candidates pasts and not the issues. Thanks again.

  3. America has become a faithless nation or at least our leaders have. When a nation turns its back on God, It will not continue to receive the protection and blessing it has experienced in past years. The moral decay and post modernism thinking continues to make what was wrong now right and vice versa. The world is clearly upside down and America is no longer the light it used to be because we have lost our first love so to speak.

    1. The world is clearly upside down. White is called black, and black is called white. Thanks, Matt, for the reminder. It’s easy to forget that this was all foretold many years ago in the Bible.

  4. Tom Such a wonderful article about values. I suspect you grew up with those values being taught to you by your parents and the rest of their generation. What became known as the greatest generation. These where the kids who struggled through the great depression and on its heels World War II. Its no wonder they wanted for themselves and their children a life worth having and living, what you speak of in your article

    1. Thank you, Dean, for the kind words. These values were instilled in me at an early age. I am sad and frustrated at the direction the country has taken. Thanks again.

      1. I’m not surprised Tom one has to be of a certain age to even know what those values are.

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