Gersh Kuntzman – PTSD Survivor…please.

Gersh Kuntzman

Gersh Kuntzman

I can’t help myself on this one. A staff writer for the stellar newspaper, the NY Daily News, recently wrote that after shooting an AR-15, he now suffered from PTSD. Not surprisingly, he heard quite a backlash and was very quick to post a follow-up piece explaining he was not comparing himself with the armed forces personnel suffering from the same malady.

You should know that Gersh Kuntzman is a very, very liberal writer who has penned such articles as; To gun lovers, you can’t even have an opinion on assault rifles, Susan Sarandon doesn’t know any thing about today’s porn, and has written a screenplay named, “Murder at the Food Coop”. Can’t wait for that one.  Needless to say that the litmus test for writing qualifications at the Daily News is not very high.

What a blockhead. It’s not the fact of his wayward politics. It’s the fact that he finds it necessary to tell the world of how his sampling of shooting a machine gun relegated him to a PTSD survivor. First, PTSD is a very serious condition that comes from witnessing and participating in a horrific event/events. To think that this rube came down with PTSD from shooting a gun once is pathetic. Unfortunately, this is the type of lib-drivel that turns so many people off. Even if he were to have a good point somewhere in his writings, non-libs are not going to endure the whining to get to the part of the article that has merit.

Second, I have to thank God that Gersh didn’t serve in the U.S. Military. Can you imagine Mr. Kuntzman shooting his gun, then it throwing down in disgust, complaining that his shoulder was sore and he was feeling a bit dizzy. With this type of behavior, Europe would  be speaking German right now if Herr Kuntzman were attacking France in WW2. This man has no  qualification. He is nothing more than a political hack with an anti-gun agenda. While I might not agree with his agenda, his technique of explaining how stupid and ignorant gun owners are is maddening.

Mr. Kuntzman, please stick to writing articles in which you are proficient, ummm, well, ahhh. Never mind, stop writing.


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