Death Is a Part of Life


Buff death

I’m sad. I’ve just confirmed that a friend has died of cancer. Cancer has taken its share in my lifetime and it doesn’t look like the mortality rate for cancer will be declining anytime soon. Which amazes me with the bazillions of dollars that have been spent on research since I’ve been alive. But that’s for another post.

I hadn’t seen or talked to my friend, Buff Johnson, in 25 years. He was a fraternity brother of mine at SDSU. Not only that but a pledge brother (same pledge class). In that short four months of time, you go through a lot and you can’t help but bond closely with your fellow pledges. And after that, it’s three more years of school. After school, my life drastically changed and I fell out of touch with anyone in that peer group. But with the advent of Facebook and social media, I was able to follow Buff and others without being involved with their lives. He seemed to carry on the same way he always had. Steady as she goes.

Buff and LInda death

Buff and his bride, Linda were high school sweethearts, who went to State together, graduated, married, and started a family. Buff leaves behind Linda and two grown daughters. I can’t imagine what Linda is experiencing right now. I know that she has an army of friends willing to do anything for her. Facebook has been lit up with pictures and memories of Buff in better times.

Is it odd that I can feel so much emotion even though I haven’t had contact with him in so long? I don’t know. I do know that Buff was one of a kind. He was kind and loyal. Everybody truly loved him. You can double the kindness with Linda. Very special people. And I think that’s what gets me. There are few people who affect your life. When these people leave us, it leaves a hole that can’t be filled.

Even though I hadn’t seen him in a while, I will be sad knowing I won’t get that chance to just say hi one more time.

I hope that he is in heaven, free from the pain that ruled his life for the last 16 months. When I get there I hope to spend time telling him how much he was missed.

Do you agree? Let me know.