America’s Got Talent Final’s Breakdown

America’s Got Talent


If you’re like me, you enjoy watching clips from reality talent shows every once in a while to see ordinary people give their passion a chance at success. I find it encouraging. And some amazing talent has come from these shows. Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson from American Idol started this whole thing. From Britain, we’ve seen Paul Potts, Susan Boyle, and my favorite, Ella Henderson. Their first auditions are something to see. You can’t expect anything when someone you have no clue as to their talent suddenly starts singing and BLAM, they hit you with some craziness. Watching an entire show of this can be taxing as the talent level is not always enjoyable. To watch an entire season requires a greater commitment than I have.

Until this year. The 2016 America’s Got Talent’s finale will be the most talent rich final to ever be hosted. There are 3 legit acts that could win. And the other acts are way above the talent level you’s see on other shows.

Here’s my breakdown of how I see it going.


10th)  Viktor Kee is a juggler from the Ukraine who has been doing it since he was 6 years old. While he is terrific, he is still an act, and all though he is a terrific act, he is still a one trick pony. Got to have more for the win.


9th)  Sofie Dossi – See above. Teen contortionist. Amazing ability, but to win it all is very doubtful.


8th)  Jon Dorenbos – Ahh, the Eagles long snapper. The lone magician to survive, he will likely have to pull off a Copperfieldesque trick to be number one. Did I say that acts have a hard time winning these things?


7th)  Linkin Bridge – A darkhorse, these guys have been improving with each show. With their tough upbringing and perfect renditions of their cover songs, I wouldn’t be surprised if they moved up.


6th)  Sal Valentinetti – Heidi’s Golden Buzzer will have to sing his heart out to have a chance. His lovable New Yorker is charismatic, but he will have to bring it and then some to win the show. I feel he needs to take a chance and sing a big song that everyone knows and hit it out of the park.


5th)  Tape Face – The second most talented act on the show. If you would have said a mime would be in the finals, I would have told you to shut your mouth(see what I did there?). His quirkiness and vision of where he wants to take the act is fabulous. Great job here.


4th)  Laura Bretan – Whose jaw didn’t drop to the floor the first time this little girl opened her mouth? She sings opera like a 250 lb. Viking. She’s got pipes that would make a plumber jealous. Awesome talent.


3rd)  The Clairvoyants – Everyone is intrigued by ESP. We would love to be able to read somebody’s mind. The fact that these two seemingly do leaves us in wonder. Even though we KNOW they can’t be doing that, they do.


2nd)  Brian Justin Crum – Any other year, this guy takes home the gold. He is on par with Freddy Mercury or Steve Perry as having the iconic rock voice. It’s golden.

Grace as a Unicorn - Best Picture Ever
Grace as a Unicorn – Best Picture Ever

1st)  Grace VanderWaal – Nowhere have I ever seen a more talented person than this little girl. Simon compared her to Taylor Swift. She certainly has that songwriting/singing talent. I don’t think people realize what kind of talent is needed in order to write a good song. There are not many who perform at her level. To be twelve and doing this. OY. Then perform it perfectly on a ukelele. And she’s done it multiple times now. She’s humble, sweet and innocent. She is my choice.

Grace’s Lyrics to I Don’t Know My Name:

I don’t know my name
I don’t play by the rules of the game
So you say I’m just trying
Just tryingSo I heard you are my sister’s friend
You get along quite nicely
You ask me why I cut my hair
And changed myself completely

I don’t know my name
I don’t play by the rules of the game
So you say I’m just trying
Just trying

I went from bland and popular
To joining the marching band
I made the closest friends
I ever have in my lifetime

I am lost trying to get found
In an ocean of people
Please don’t ask me any questions
There’ll be a valid answer
I’ll just say

That I don’t know my name
I don’t play by the rules of the game
So you say I’m just trying
Just trying

I now know my name!
I don’t play by the rules of the game
So you say, I’m not trying
But I’m trying
To find my way

If you can, turn into the show tomorrow, it’s gonna be goooood.


Do you agree? Let me know.