From Breakdown to Breakthrough

From Breakdown to Breakthrough
Genres: Christian Living, Depression, Overcoming
Tags: My Books, Recommended Books
Publisher: Skillet McGee
Publication Year: 2015
Length: 66 Pages
ISBN: 9781514862469
From Breakdown to Breakthrough is a brilliantly written, inspirational, roller coaster ride of long-term depression, destructive living, and restorative faith. Tom Bruner tells his unsettling first-person account of life with deep-seated depression and its detrimental effects. He delves deeply into this mental illness memoir, tracing his handicapped health from elementary school through adulthood.
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About the Book

This book is not one of a number of self-help books that deals only with depression in men. But in Breakdown to Breakthrough, there is self-help in depression. Tom writes about his experience of why the church is lagging so far back from the world in the area of mental health bringing to light how many churches handle those afflicted with depression.

You will feel better after reading this book.

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