Jesus BrunersBreak

Jesus. What would a pseudo-Christian blog be without Jesus? Not be a Christian blog, that’s what! There is so much I could say but there is only one thing that matters to anyone. Was He real? Did He really walk the earth? Yes and yes. There is an enormous amount of evidence from non-Christians there was indeed a man named Jesus or there were a group of people called Christians. So for me, if I were to know that he was really living back when we are taught he was then I’ve got a choice to make.

He was one of three things. He was who he said he was, the Messiah. Or he was just plain crazy. And lastly, he was the biggest liar of all time. Jesus is the only religious figure to say that he was God. He wasn’t a great teacher, he wasn’t a prophet, he gave you one choice. In his mind, he was God. Jesus also said, “No one gets to the Father, but through me.” And there it is. The statement that drives non-Christians crazy. If Jesus said he was the only one, and heaven or hell hang in the balance, I’d better do my due diligence and research and discover is this is true.

And that my friends’┬áis where you come in. Every man is responsible for his own salvation. I’m not responsible for you, and you’re not responsible for me. But it is my obligation to tell you why I think it’s true. That is what the gospel is, that Jesus was real and died for your sins. The rest is on you. One reason I believe it’s true is this; approximately 2,000 years ago there was a man who lived in Israel named Jesus. He only lived for 33 years before the religious leaders of the day killed him for saying that he was equal to God. What would have surely gone out as a lark if it wasn’t true exploded into a wildfire? There are 2.2 billion Christians in the world today! That is not counting all that lived before. If it isn’t true, then a lot of people have been duped, including me. For me, like I said, there is too much evidence to support the claims of Jesus. And for all that the atheists say, I’ve never heard them say that Jesus wasn’t an actual person.

I encourage you to check the evidence for yourself. Because if it is true, then you have a decision to make. Challenge yourself. Read books, talk with people. Find out. Your eternal destiny rests in the balance. No lie.