How Long Is Forever?

Time is forever

How long is forever? As Prince once said, “It’s a mighty long time.” That’s true, but it’s longer than that. Forever is an unfathomable concept. To think that something is unending doesn’t computer into our limited brains because we are ourselves limited to space and time. We have a hard time thinking that time will go on without us. It’s not that we don’t don’t care, it’s that it’s outside our realm of conception.

But time will continue on after we die. I guarantee it. How long will it last? Forever. Which leads me to this. If somebody said that if you didn’t do this one particular thing, then you would spend eternity in misery because you didn’t do it, would you say that you would look into it or not? Forever, eternity, a mighty long time. Because that is what’s at stake here.

Believe me, when I say that something is going to happen to your soul after you die. That something could be nothing, which means our lives are meaningless and what we do in our life doesn’t mean anything in the long run so why would I take other people’s feelings or ways of thinking into account. If there is nothing after this, then we are wasting our time being polite to each other. You talk about civility, I say phooey to your civility. Why in the world should I care what you say about anything? I’m going to do what I want to and you shouldn’t be able to do anything about it. Well, what about society and for the good of the people? Again, why should I care?

The fact that there is a standard right and wrong is proof that we have that hard-wired into us. We have to care. We try not to but fail miserably. We can no more escape the guilt of running into somebody and not stopping to help than continue breathing.

Back to forever. Something is going to happen. I’ve already written about nothing happening. Every other religion but one says you need to earn your way into the afterlife. Christianity is the only┬áreligion that says you just have to one thing and you’re in. You just have to admit that for all the lying, cheating, stealing, backstabbing, fighting, hurting you’ve done in your life is wrong. And that Jesus died almost 2,000 years ago to pay for those sins on the cross in order for you to go to heaven. If you believe that and ask Him into your heart, that’s it.

I’m not writing today to say anything but this. If 6 billion people on earth believe this, wouldn’t you take a very close look at the evidence to see for yourselves whether it’s true or not. Don’t let anybody else’s findings or testimony sway you. Research the evidence for yourself. Did Jesus die on the cross, and rise again? If He didn’t, then no big deal. But if He did, then it’s an extremely big deal. Because there is that one thing hanging in the balance. Forever.

Do you agree? Let me know.