In the World, Not of the World

In the world, not of…

In the world, not of

One of Christianity’s biggest challenges has always been how to live in a sick, dying world and not become a part of it. It’s biblical. Be in, not of.  But it’s not easy. Because we Christians enjoy the world and most of what it offers just like everybody else. Sunshine, the taste of an orange, a good movie. These are all things we love about our life.

There is a fine line between enjoying something and becoming obsessed with it. No, not even obsessed. When we start making it a priority over things that do matter it isn’t good. As a Christian, our minds are supposed to make God our priority. Putting anything ahead of this isn’t going to benefit us or the Kingdom. It might feel good in the short term but it won’t produce the fruit we are supposed to be bearing.

Why am I writing about this? I believe this area is THE area the devil uses to sidetrack believers and shut down non-believers. Most non-believers are living for something other than God. They have become so enamored with money, power, or lifestyle that they cannot logically conceive of living for anything else. Being a slave to an idol is very easy when you don’t follow God. Your thoughts are only on what you can acquire. And that’s why most conversions happen when somebody has reached rock bottom. They realize that what they have thought their entire life has been false.

I, as a Christian, love a lot of what is in the world. But, I’ve lived long enough and have done enough non-Christian things to know that living this lifestyle is all a charade. More like a puppet show, where the audience believes the puppets are the best thing around, when the whole time they are just being directed by another entity.

The flesh is a very intelligent traitor. It knows what it wants and tells you lies in order to get its way. How many times have you sinned only to live with regret soon after?

So how do we be relevant to people who don’t know Jesus, while not slipping backward because of something in the world that calls to us? I’m stymied. I think I always will be.

Jesus, help me.



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