Summer Camp 2016

Summer Camp


Okay, I’ll say it if it makes you happy. I’m old. Not old old, but 54, going on 55 in October. I’m just getting to that part of my life where my body isn’t cooperating AT ALL with what I want it to do. Zip. Zero. Nada. As you know by now, I am a leader of a group of young men from my church. We meet once a week during school. It has been fantastic. We have also gone to 5 camps together. 3 summer and 2 winter. Last week was our first journey into the world of high school. My guys are going to be freshmen next month and it was our time to debut at camp.

Christ in Youth was the company that produced the week of camp at Murrietta Hot Springs. My church, Saddleback, has been with CiY for a long time now and I can see why. The actual services put on was nothing short of sensational. 700 kids in one setting is a one of a kind experience.

But, back to my original statement. Our group teams up with another group during the week and we compete against other groups. As freshmen boys, we were not expected to do well at all. My guys are competitors and we ended up 2nd. Not too shabby. These games are zany. From throwing a fish down a football field to running across a pool on a beam while being pelted with plastic balls, it’s a lot of fun.

That isĀ until the leaders have to go in.

Then it’s not fun AT ALL. For me. For the students, it’s hilarity at its finest.

I only HAD to compete once during the week and that was enough for me, thank you. The game is called “futbol football”. Basically, soccer with an American football and you can use your hands. It’s played on a mini-court on a large field. The girls had won and the boys had tied their respective games, which meant the leaders from each team (4) played against each other to break the tie.

We ended up tying with the other team but that’s not relevant. What is relevant is the state of my body. It has betrayed me. I work out. I lift and do cardio. I’m not the fittest guy but I’m not a ball of jello. By the end of the 5 minute game you would have thought I had just ran a Navy SEAL obstacle course. By the middle of the game, my body was pleading with me to stop but I pushed through waiting for my second wind. I’m still waiting. I would take four steps and be out of breath. You know when you’re winded and you have to attempt something coordinated like kicking a ball only to find your legs unwilling to do anything but stopping from doing anything.

Next year though. I’ll eat better and be in much better shape. It will be much different.

Won’t it?

2 thoughts on “Summer Camp 2016

  1. HILARIOUS. Fun. This is an amazing experience you’ve shared. The students you work with clearly think you’re the greatest, and I can see why. I wish I had a man who’d contributed to my life in my early years like you. Great work with the young men there at church. It’s an inspiration.

  2. Thanks, Professor. It’s easy to tell these young men what not to do when you have the experience to tell them why not. God using loss for others gain.

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