You Don’t Believe in God?



When it comes to the subject of atheism, I confess, I am at a loss for words. I don’t get it, probably never will. I know, atheism has been around as long as religion, but that doesn’t make it any more remarkable in my eyes. Some people grow up in a household that didn’t believe in God, so their decision not to believe was easy. Most kids have an inkling of God is, but when it comes to leaving home for the first time and go off to college, they are indoctrinated with a heavy dose of atheism from the liberal faculty and they start to “think for themselves”.


You know somebody like that, don’t you? 18-year-old minds are mush, and the never-had-a-job, never-been-published professors take it upon themselves to wax verbose about their feelings of God. It’s a shame how God has been kicked out of school among other things. Pledge of Allegiance in school? Nope. I was amazed one day at church when I found out a majority of the high school kids did not know the words to the national anthem. To say that education has changed would be a stain against my childhood. There are core libs who are entrenched in education, the judicial system, and local government. Nothing is going to change for a long time. Can I be honest? I think we are on our way out. I think the U.S. is circling the drain. Look at the headlines. Not saying it can’t happen, God can do anything. Just saying with the level of debauchery being committed in the world, it’s hard to think about the trend reversing.


How did this happen? The tail wagged the dog, that’s how, and most of us did nothing. Meaning, the small, liberal extremists went to court and got God kicked out of American society. But I digress. These people do not believe in God, they honestly don’t believe in anything other than furthering their agenda, no matter what the cost. And part of that is no Jesus.

For most, these people don’t want to have anything  to do with God because they don’t want to be accountable to an absolute truth. Is there a wrong or right. This would throw off their lifestyle, big-time. They have to ignore all that is part of life that yells for a divine creator. Sunsets, the ocean, the stars all have to under the category of “Boy did we get lucky”. The Bible says that each person must work out their own salvation with fear and trembling. I can’t help but think that when the people responsible for the exclusion of God in our society stand before the Creator of the Universe and have to give an account of their life. YIkes.

4 thoughts on “You Don’t Believe in God?

  1. There’s some really great stuff here. It’s a no-holds barred rebuttal of how much faith it takes NOT to believe. This is a must read.

    1. Freddy,
      Thanks for the comment. I’m glad you think I am on point. As you know, professor, I could have gone into MUCH more depth if I wanted, but the flavor of the post was supposed to be about how bad of a decision not believing is, just the fact that people don’t really realize what they believe if they choose not to follow God.

  2. Your entire article is a fallacy, from the first quote box, through Ravi’s rambling, to the very end. YOU HAVE NO CLUE.

    The Big Bang did NOT “explode from nothing”, or “in nothing”. HINT: Cosmological definition of “nothing” is not what you think; you’d be a LOT more credible if you actually RESEARCHED things before dropping erroneous assumptions from Ham, Hovind, or Comfort as fact.

    I WILL be responding to your twaddle on Twitter…you’ll see it.

    1. Hey Bike Boy,
      Thanks for the comment. I do, however, disagree with your statement. Your words did nothing but imply that what I wrote was untrue. Nothing behind it, just ” I HAVE NO CLUE”, I’d be a lot more credible if I actually researched things, my twaddle. All statements meant to bully and/or shame me into showing how I’m an idiot. I have researched all of this and find that Christianity is much more filled with empirical data. I think it comes down to what data you choose to believe as there is plenty of research saying there is no God. I’m sorry your angry, that was not my intent.

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