Dear Amy Gannett

The following is a response to an article beautifully written by Amy Gannett. She writes her own blog and it is very good. I do take exception to this article, expressed below. If you have the time, read her blog and then read my response. I would love to hear what you have to say.


Dear Amy,

I have recently read your article on Millenials and their view on what is transpiring in this nation and what you feel are the ills coinciding with the current election. You make fantastic points and your writing is exceptional. But while you write brilliant prose, your view of this country is very disappointing. I will go into your grief point by point, but I think what you suffer from, which a majority of your generation does, is entitlement. If you don’t think the way I think then I’m going home. In this case, if you don’t start to think like we do, then a whole generation is taking their ball and going home.

You don’t like Donald Trump because he has hurt your feelings with the words he has said. Understandable. I don’t like him either. I honestly don’t know who I will vote for. But everyone is entitled to their opinion, and Mr. Grudem is no different. The fact that he endorses Trump is no concern of mine. I must vote for who I believe God wants me to vote for, plain and simple. Your elevation of Gruden’s opinion is misplaced. Because he was featured heavily in your theology studies doesn’t give him any kind of moral imperative to tell anyone who to vote for. That’s one of the things that makes America great, you vote for who you want to win. If you are taking your ball and going home because Gruden has endorsed Trump, then I would say your expectations are unrealistic. If he feels Trump has been misquoted and/or misunderstood by the liberal media, that’s okay, he is allowed to feel this way.

One of the other issues I had with your post came down to a generational outlook. The truth is you do not believe in the same America that I do. This is not all your fault. You have not been raised in the same America as I have. The education system is not anywhere near what it was. And then there is the “news”. You have bought into the rhetoric of the media and cannot look past anything other than feelings. You have been trained to be offended. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be upset with Trump, but the fact you wrote an entire article on your generation’s view of America because of Trump’s legitimate chance of becoming president, speaks volumes.

You say that you don’t know what “Make America Great Again” means. Let me tell you. What this country has done over the last 250 years has never been done in the history of history. From nothing to the best place on earth. Not having to apologize for giving the most financial aid in the world, being there for any country who asks and believing that America is the good guy is why I believe America is great. These are my”Good Old Days”, Amy. That’s what supporters of Trump want. To not have to apologize for being American. Your supposition that if we go back to the good old days means we take any headway the social injustices have made away doesn’t hold water.

You believe it is when we are not at war but in times of peace. Not hardly. Generations have been proud to be American during war and peace. The fact that you think a country’s greatness is predicated on its views of racism, social injustice, feminism, and refugee placement tells me that you lack what our generation has. Identity.

You are not a Nationalist because you were not raised to believe in this country. We said the Pledge of Allegiance every morning and sang songs like, “America, the Beautiful”, “God Bless America”, and “This Land is Your Land” constantly. We were brought up to think that America is a special place and you can do special things if you work hard. Your generation has none of that. I was surprised a couple of months ago when a teenager in my church’s high school ministry couldn’t sing the National Anthem because he didn’t know the words. You don’t possess the same moral anchor as we did. Were things perfect? Of course not. But we believed.

I will say flat out, that if your concerns are the major concerns of the country, then we are falling faster than I think. The economy, defense, trade, housing are just a few areas that play a much bigger role in a country’s greatness. There is always somebody who doesn’t feel like they are getting a fair shake. Have African-Americans been discriminated against? Yes. In a big way. But does that mean we hold it over our own heads for as long as any movement thinks we should? That we can’t move forward until we have properly repented? This is one area of life in America. While I believe we have made tremendous progress during my life, I’m not going to let the actions of a very few define what America’s society stands for.

You wrote, “We actually like that women are on their way to equal pay, we like that you can’t make a racist comment as a public figure and go unnoticed, and we like that there are more female theologians and teachers and professors than ever before in American history. If this is your criteria for the progress of a country then we are at a major impasse. While these items are fantastic unto themselves, thinking that they are in some way responsible for the “progress” of our country couldn’t be farther from the truth.

You make a plea for reform. Or else. Honestly, it’s not your ball to take home until it is given to you. It seems unlikely you or any other Millenial are interested in the issues that make a country great. Until you are able to understand the why you can’t fathom the what.






Do you agree? Let me know.