Christian Persecution What They Aren’t Telling You

Christian Persecution.

Photos have been taken down.

This is by far the hardest thing I have ever written. The subject matter (Christian Persecution) is bad enough. Now add the brutality of these atrocities and it becomes immeasurably worse. I’m serious about the warning above, it’s not meant to be an attention getter. I know people do that. These photos and videos are nauseating. You will never be able to unsee them and they will stick with you for a long time.

The first is a story from a couple of years ago. I had not heard about it from any source until a couple of months ago. It’s one of those things that when you hear it you can’t even come close to giving it credibility, but after seeing the proof, you can’t deny it. The picture is linked to a website that shows a building that acts as a slaughterhouse. This house is not for cattle or sheep, it’s for Christians. Syrian Muslims were kidnapping and killing Christians because they were Christians. Below is a picture of two bodies that have been beheaded. There are MUCH worse images and video on the link’s sight. ¬†Click on the picture.

If you’re thinking about traveling, check this site out to find out where not to go. Link.

CNN reported that 2015 was the year with a record high. Link.

A massacre of Christians at a college in Kenya. 148 people were killed. Gunmen chose their victims after asking what religion they were affiliated with. Only Christians were killed.

Sunnis in Syria beheaded a three-year-old little girl for being with here Christian parents.

21 Christians in Egypt were beheaded because of their faith.

The purpose of this post is awareness. To let people see that Christians in this world right now are living unimaginable horrors. I can’t come close to thinking the kind of fear I would experience. Did you know this was going on with this frequency?¬†There are many, many more examples. Society tends to get desensitized when viewing these kinds of images too much. It becomes unreal because it is not happening in America.

What do I want to happen because I’m putting this out there? I would like the media to report it. I would like the world governments to recognize this is occurring at a much more frequent rate than the past. I would like it to end. The truth is that this will keep happening. The bible is very clear that Christians will be persecuted. Jesus said, “If they persecuted me, they are going to persecute you.”

Do you agree? Let me know.