I Am a Writer!

I Am a Writer! This was the first thing the director of the Southern California Christian Writers Conference at BIOLA University, had the entire group of attendees proclaim the first night of the event. This was done for the more timid of participants that have trouble vocalizing their feelings. Empowerment, that’s the word. This was… Read more I Am a Writer!

Political Correctness

The Slow Death of the USA: Political Correctness

Political Correctness No, political correctness is not something “new”. It has been around for as long as opinions have been around. In Salem, I’m sure it was okay to call out witches back in the day and not worry about being called a bigot. What I’m talking about is the arrival of a political correctness… Read more The Slow Death of the USA: Political Correctness

Syrian Refugees respond to allah

Syrian Refugees – The Truth

Syrian Refugees Here is what has happened. A civil war has been in happening in Syria since 2011. This has led to 4.8 million people leaving the country due to the violence according to a U.N. report. A majority of the refugees have settled in Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, and other countries in the region. Most… Read more Syrian Refugees – The Truth

Hypocrisy in Hollywood

Hypocrisy Extraordinaire: Hollywood’s Finest

Hollywood Hypocrisy Hollywood has always been and always will be liberal. It’s the Arts and this is L.A., so there should be no surprise there. And for the most part, there isn’t. But the tower of hypocrisy Hollywood has built makes the people of Babel stop and stare in wonder. There is no end to… Read more Hypocrisy Extraordinaire: Hollywood’s Finest

Words: Do They Really Hurt?

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. That old classic is a goody. But is it true? Can your words hurt others? It’s so easy to get into a non-sensical conversation about nothing that goes absolutely nowhere. Sometimes we just like to talk. We have to get out, whatever… Read more Words: Do They Really Hurt?