Some events are worth talking about.

My Olympics

Olympics The Olympic Games have come and gone and have left us all with images we will retain for a long time. Rio hosted the Summer games this time around and I honestly thought it  would be an unmitigated disaster. Between the crime and the pollution in the water, I was just waiting for something… Read more My Olympics

Summer Camp Graduation Day

Graduation Day – Moving On

Graduation Day I’ve written about my time ministering to the junior highers at my church (Saddleback). Today was a big day for all. Today was the day when the 8th graders took over the room and did everything for both services. From greeting to games to ministry to message, they did it all. And my… Read more Graduation Day – Moving On

Busy is a Four Letter Word

Busy Busy is a four letter word. At least in my dictionary. Business has become the currency of perceived success in today’s society.  People’s default answer to, “How are you?” has become “Busy”. If you say something different, you feel like a failure. I mean if you are not busy now a days, you are… Read more Busy is a Four Letter Word

Inner me losing weight

Why is Losing Weight so Freaking Hard?

Losing Weight. I admit it. I like to eat. On occasion, I’ve been accused of loving to eat. Guilty as charged, Officer.  But as my body ages, I am no longer able to eat the same amount of the same things in the same way as I did when I was younger and not notice… Read more Why is Losing Weight so Freaking Hard?

Salad? Sure, that’s what my dinner eats!, And Other Veganisms.

Salad? You know what the best part about a BBQ is? Let me tell you. Close your eyes. Picture yourself walking through a friend’s living room, out the kitchen door, and into the backyard. There is a group of people talking and having a good time. You turn to your righ- WHAT IS THAT SMELL?… Read more Salad? Sure, that’s what my dinner eats!, And Other Veganisms.

American Jesus Madness

American Jesus Madness Just discovered this beauty at I gave you my advice on how to Do March Madness Like a Boss on Monday, but we are going to take it to the next level. In the AJM bracket, the current issues in Christianity are pitted against each other. I am going to break… Read more American Jesus Madness

Who do I Need to Kill For Two Naps?

Naps are your friend. Remember when you were 7 years old and Mom said it was time for you to take a nap? You couldn’t believe she meant this. I mean, I’m right in the middle of taking apart this bee hive in the backyard and she wants me to lie down for awhile. Sheesh.… Read more Who do I Need to Kill For Two Naps?