Who are the Chreasters?

You know these people, in fact, chance are you might even be one. Chreasters are people that find their way to the local church twice a year, Christmas and Easter. Figuring that they should at least make their obligatory appearance at the celebration of Christ’s birth and resurrection. Hey, it’s the least I could do.… Read more Who are the Chreasters?

The Ultimate Guide to Beach Going Like a Big Boss

How to Go to the Beach like a Boss Summer is just around the corner and I know all of you have been hitting the gym getting your bodies into beach shape. It’s almost time to head to the water and lay among the beautiful people or maybe your cousin, Herb. I’ve been going to… Read more The Ultimate Guide to Beach Going Like a Big Boss

Risen: A Movie Review

Risen If you don’t like spoilers or if you are going to see the movie, Risen, then this post might not be for you. I think in order to properly talk about a movie you have to talk about the movie (see what I did there). So I will be writing about some events in… Read more Risen: A Movie Review

One Percenter to President?

Who wants to be President? The presidential race is here and the one percenter is also. The presidential primaries are in full swing, with the election only 8 months away. The Republicans are trotting out Trump, Cruz and Ruiz while the Dems have Clinton and Sanders. Is Bernie Sanders A One-Percenter? According to the Twitterverse,… Read more One Percenter to President?