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Gersh Kuntzman – PTSD Survivor…please.

Gersh Kuntzman I can’t help myself on this one. A staff writer for the stellar newspaper, the NY Daily News, recently wrote that after shooting an AR-15, he now suffered from PTSD. Not surprisingly, he heard quite a backlash and was very quick to post a follow-up piece explaining he was not comparing himself with the… Read more Gersh Kuntzman – PTSD Survivor…please.

California Business, Jerry Brown

California Leavin’: Why California Business Moves

California Business Even with people having to pay the “sunshine tax”, the extra money you pay to live in Cali due to the weather, 72 degrees with a slight breeze, there has always been a plethora of citizens willing to move in. There is something about waking up in February and being able to go… Read more California Leavin’: Why California Business Moves

Hypocrisy in Hollywood

Hypocrisy Extraordinaire: Hollywood’s Finest

Hollywood Hypocrisy Hollywood has always been and always will be liberal. It’s the Arts and this is L.A., so there should be no surprise there. And for the most part, there isn’t. But the tower of hypocrisy Hollywood has built makes the people of Babel stop and stare in wonder. There is no end to… Read more Hypocrisy Extraordinaire: Hollywood’s Finest

Prince, and Other Greats: This Year I Began to Die

Prince. Glenn Frey. Maurice White. This year Glenn Frey, Maurice White, and Prince have all died. It’s only April. It’s like someone coming into your mind and taking away part of your past. You are connected to this music. It’s part of you. At least it was part of me. Glenn Frey was one of… Read more Prince, and Other Greats: This Year I Began to Die

My Country is hurting.

What Happened To My Country?

What Happened to My Country? What happened to my country? What happened to my America? The country that was once proud of itself, who didn’t care what other nation’s thought because its conviction of truth was greater than its need for approval. What happened to the people who loved each other, who wanted the best… Read more What Happened To My Country?

Risen: A Movie Review

Risen If you don’t like spoilers or if you are going to see the movie, Risen, then this post might not be for you. I think in order to properly talk about a movie you have to talk about the movie (see what I did there). So I will be writing about some events in… Read more Risen: A Movie Review

One Percenter to President?

Who wants to be President? The presidential race is here and the one percenter is also. The presidential primaries are in full swing, with the election only 8 months away. The Republicans are trotting out Trump, Cruz and Ruiz while the Dems have Clinton and Sanders. Is Bernie Sanders A One-Percenter? According to the Twitterverse,… Read more One Percenter to President?