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Dear Hollywood,

Dear Hollywood, I’m sorry it has come to this, but you, Hollywood, have moved so far away from the American ideal, your only way back is through the harsh realization that your core beliefs have nothing in common with the core beliefs of Americans that live in this country. They do have something in common… Read more Dear Hollywood,

My Thoughts on a Horrific Election

2016 Election First, let me state that I did NOT vote for Donald Trump. That being said, it is not surprising to see the left mystified at what transpired on Tuesday. It was in the bag. The train had left the station. What was thought to have been a glorious coronation of liberalism turned out… Read more My Thoughts on a Horrific Election

America’s Got Talent Final’s Breakdown

America’s Got Talent If you’re like me, you enjoy watching clips from reality talent shows every once in a while to see ordinary people give their passion a chance at success. I find it encouraging. And some amazing talent has come from these shows. Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson from American Idol started this whole… Read more America’s Got Talent Final’s Breakdown

Dear Amy Gannett

The following is a response to¬†an article beautifully written by Amy Gannett. She writes her own blog and it is very good. I do take exception to this article, expressed below. If you have the time, read her blog and then read my response. I would love to hear what you have to say. Dear… Read more Dear Amy Gannett

MLK No Hate

Do Black Lives Matter Only When Whites Take Them?

Black Lives Where will this end? That is a very good question, thank you very much. Will white people ever stop acting out with unnecessary violence against a certain group of black people? Will blacks ever be happy with the way society views them? With the amount of pre-existing prejudice deeply instilled in both sides,… Read more Do Black Lives Matter Only When Whites Take Them?

laws are for poor people Hillary Clinton

The Slow Death of America: Politics

Current events dictate that the political system in the U.S. is beyond broken. Hillary Clinton is a great example. Hillary Clinton is a liar. And under the rules of the law, a criminal. But, apparently, that’s none of my business. In case you’ve been dead the last six months, this is what you’ve missed…or not.… Read more The Slow Death of America: Politics

Buff and LInda death

Death Is a Part of Life

Death I’m sad. I’ve just confirmed that a friend has died of cancer. Cancer has taken its share in my lifetime and it doesn’t look like the mortality rate for cancer will be declining anytime soon. Which amazes me with the bazillions of dollars that have been spent on research since I’ve been alive. But… Read more Death Is a Part of Life