A Redemption Miracle: The Story of Danny Duchene

Redemption Most people serving two life sentences in jail don’t believe in miracles much less experience one. But Danny Duchene, who served 32 years in prison, is just that guy. Danny has just been appointed the newest pastor at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California. He will lead the newly formed Mercy Ministry which will… Read more A Redemption Miracle: The Story of Danny Duchene

How Long Is Forever?

How long is forever? As Prince once said, “It’s a mighty long time.” That’s true, but it’s longer than that. Forever is an unfathomable concept. To think that something is unending doesn’t computer into our limited brains because we are ourselves limited to space and time. We have a hard time thinking that time will… Read more How Long Is Forever?

Christian after Jesus died

Why Being a Christian After Jesus Died Sucked!

Being a Christian after Jesus died. Imagine living with someone for three years, literally spending every day, every minute with him. All the while you believe he is destined to be your people’s greatest leader of all time. It’s only a matter of months, maybe days, before he acts. Then no one will doubt that… Read more Why Being a Christian After Jesus Died Sucked!

Winter camp

8th Grade Winter Camp

8THGRADE WINTER CAMP I was a leader/counselor at a winter camp this past weekend for junior highers and high schoolers. I took care of the 8th-grade boys from my church, Saddleback Church-Irvine/South. This was my 4th camp with these particular young men. My first was the summer prior to them entering 7th grade. For pure… Read more 8th Grade Winter Camp