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The Esau Syndrome

Esau There is no condition that shapes the USA than the Esau Syndrome. If you aren’t a church attender then you probably have no idea what I’m writing about. Esau is responsible for one of the biggest blunders in the history of history. A goof that changed the course of it. The Bible states the… Read more The Esau Syndrome

Dear Amy Gannett

The following is a response to¬†an article beautifully written by Amy Gannett. She writes her own blog and it is very good. I do take exception to this article, expressed below. If you have the time, read her blog and then read my response. I would love to hear what you have to say. Dear… Read more Dear Amy Gannett

Summer Camp 2016

Summer Camp Okay, I’ll say it if it makes you happy. I’m old. Not old old, but 54, going on 55 in October. I’m just getting to that part of my life where my body isn’t cooperating AT ALL with what I want it to do. Zip. Zero. Nada. As you know by now, I… Read more Summer Camp 2016


You Don’t Believe in God?

Atheism When it comes to the subject of atheism, I confess, I am at a loss for words. I don’t get it, probably never will. I know, atheism has been around as long as religion, but that doesn’t make it any more remarkable in my eyes. Some people grow up in a household that didn’t… Read more You Don’t Believe in God?

Syrian Refugees respond to allah

Syrian Refugees – The Truth

Syrian Refugees Here is what has happened. A civil war has been in happening in Syria since 2011. This has led to 4.8 million people leaving the country due to the violence according to a U.N. report. A majority of the refugees have settled in Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, and other countries in the region. Most… Read more Syrian Refugees – The Truth

Marriage Idol Christianity

Does the Christian Church Idolize Marriage?

Christian Marriaage The following is from my book, Standing Ovation. Two co-pastors are driving in a car, on their way to pick up a couch for their teen room. Cy is one of the pastors and the other is Andy. They have had deep discussions in the past but this takes it to another level.… Read more Does the Christian Church Idolize Marriage?

Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. and Jesus Christ

Martin Luther King Jr. “If I can’t do great things; I can do small things in great ways.” This saying may seem like a regular pump yourself up in the morning quote hoping to instill a spark to a fading spirit. But that is not the case here. This saying by Martin Luther King Jr.… Read more Martin Luther King Jr. and Jesus Christ