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Tom Bruner

My name is Tom Bruner and I’m a blogger (yawn). I started to write as a profession because it fits my lifestyle (loose). My “type” of blog can be described as insightful, conservative, harsh, or funny (you pick). I’ve written many things (Books, Screenplays, etc.), but I love blogging (blah blah blah).


Honestly, I didn’t take blogging as a real source of income until reading an article on the money the top bloggers were making (Desperation) Then the wheels started turning (slowly). I hadn’t found a job or occupation that I loved (Gee, wonder why?). I always have an opinion on something (Never would have guessed). And I do write. Done.


Why is my blog different? It isn’t really about one main subject (Jack of all, Master of none). It’s my view on what concerns me (or what’s trending). I’m different in that I’m conservative with a liberal view on some things (Reagan lover). I love humor, so I write to make people laugh (Not). Or think (Double not). I hope for both (and pray for one). Current events, Pop Culture, and Christianity are three of the things I frequently write about (Whatever Yahoo News has up).


What I try to do when I post is lay out the reasoning for taking a view on something (Quagmire). I think you hear a lot of rhetoric spouted in this medium but have no idea why the person thinks that way (Parents).

So far, so good (Barely).