June 2016

Wrongful conviction Injustice

Crime Anatomy: A Prosecutor’s Fight for Injustice?

Injustice Have you ever heard of Scott Sanders? NO, that’s okay. He’s a public defender in Orange County, CA. I hadn’t heard of him either until I opened up a periodical recently and read about what he has revealed to the public here in southern California. It hit at the heart of what I hate… Read more Crime Anatomy: A Prosecutor’s Fight for Injustice?

Syrian Refugees respond to allah

Syrian Refugees – The Truth

Syrian Refugees Here is what has happened. A civil war has been in happening in Syria since 2011. This has led to 4.8 million people leaving the country due to the violence according to a U.N. report. A majority of the refugees have settled in Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, and other countries in the region. Most… Read more Syrian Refugees – The Truth

Gersh Kuntzman – PTSD Survivor…please.

Gersh Kuntzman I can’t help myself on this one. A staff writer for the stellar newspaper, the NY Daily News, recently wrote that after shooting an AR-15, he now suffered from PTSD. Not surprisingly, he heard quite a backlash and was very quick to post a follow-up piece explaining he was not comparing himself with the… Read more Gersh Kuntzman – PTSD Survivor…please.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Nazi Nemesis

Dietrich Bonhoeffer Dietrich Bonhoeffer was born into a German, aristocratic family in the year 1906. His twin, Sabine and he were the 6th and 7th children born to their parents, who stopped at eight. Doing the math, you can see that he was coming into his prime when another German was trying to conquer the… Read more Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Nazi Nemesis

Summer Camp Graduation Day

Graduation Day – Moving On

Graduation Day I’ve written about my time ministering to the junior highers at my church (Saddleback). Today was a big day for all. Today was the day when the 8th graders took over the room and did everything for both services. From greeting to games to ministry to message, they did it all. And my… Read more Graduation Day – Moving On