March 2016

Salad? Sure, that’s what my dinner eats!, And Other Veganisms.

Salad? You know what the best part about a BBQ is? Let me tell you. Close your eyes. Picture yourself walking through a friend’s living room, out the kitchen door, and into the backyard. There is a group of people talking and having a good time. You turn to your righ- WHAT IS THAT SMELL?… Read more Salad? Sure, that’s what my dinner eats!, And Other Veganisms.

My Country is hurting.

What Happened To My Country?

What Happened to My Country? What happened to my country? What happened to my America? The country that was once proud of itself, who didn’t care what other nation’s thought because its conviction of truth was greater than its need for approval. What happened to the people who loved each other, who wanted the best… Read more What Happened To My Country?

Who are the Chreasters?

You know these people, in fact, chance are you might even be one. Chreasters are people that find their way to the local church twice a year, Christmas and Easter. Figuring that they should at least make their obligatory appearance at the celebration of Christ’s birth and resurrection. Hey, it’s the least I could do.… Read more Who are the Chreasters?

The Ultimate Guide to Beach Going Like a Big Boss

How to Go to the Beach like a Boss Summer is just around the corner and I know all of you have been hitting the gym getting your bodies into beach shape. It’s almost time to head to the water and lay among the beautiful people or maybe your cousin, Herb. I’ve been going to… Read more The Ultimate Guide to Beach Going Like a Big Boss

How Long Is Forever?

How long is forever? As Prince once said, “It’s a mighty long time.” That’s true, but it’s longer than that. Forever is an unfathomable concept. To think that something is unending doesn’t computer into our limited brains because we are ourselves limited to space and time. We have a hard time thinking that time will… Read more How Long Is Forever?

Christian after Jesus died

Why Being a Christian After Jesus Died Sucked!

Being a Christian after Jesus died. Imagine living with someone for three years, literally spending every day, every minute with him. All the while you believe he is destined to be your people’s greatest leader of all time. It’s only a matter of months, maybe days, before he acts. Then no one will doubt that… Read more Why Being a Christian After Jesus Died Sucked!

American Jesus Madness

American Jesus Madness Just discovered this beauty at I gave you my advice on how to Do March Madness Like a Boss on Monday, but we are going to take it to the next level. In the AJM bracket, the current issues in Christianity are pitted against each other. I am going to break… Read more American Jesus Madness