Year: 2016

My Thoughts on a Horrific Election

2016 Election First, let me state that I did NOT vote for Donald Trump. That being said, it is not surprising to see the left mystified at what transpired on Tuesday. It was in the bag. The train had left the station. What was thought to have been a glorious coronation of liberalism turned out… Read more My Thoughts on a Horrific Election

America’s Got Talent Final’s Breakdown

America’s Got Talent If you’re like me, you enjoy watching clips from reality talent shows every once in a while to see ordinary people give their passion a chance at success. I find it encouraging. And some amazing talent has come from these shows. Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson from American Idol started this whole… Read more America’s Got Talent Final’s Breakdown

Racism is not Getting Better

Racism Last week I posted an article on Colin Kaepernick. In case you’ve been stuck on a road in Portugal this past week, let me help you out. Kaepernick has taken upon himself to protest the abuse of white police officers targeting black males. He does this by kneeling during the National Anthem. I said… Read more Racism is not Getting Better

Colin Kaepernick Doesn’t Get It

Colin Kaepernick First and foremost, Colin Kaepernick has the right to kneel down, stand up or take a shower during the playing of our national anthem. It’s his right. It’s called freedom and that is what so many selfless Americans have given their lives for. And continue to do so. But there is a misnomer… Read more Colin Kaepernick Doesn’t Get It

Grace Vanderwaal Meets the World

Grace Vanderwaal I’m at the point in my life where nothing much really surprises me anymore. I’m mid-fifties, born and raised in southern California. I’ve traveled and experienced quite a bit in my blessed life. In my myopic mind, there isn’t much I haven’t seen. But every so often an event, person, or thing happens… Read more Grace Vanderwaal Meets the World

Back To School…NOW

Back to School I don’t have kids. But I have plenty of friends that do. And this time of the year is easily the most favorite for many of them. I know it’s late August/early September by the look of the stay at home Moms I see at the gym. They can’t help it. They… Read more Back To School…NOW

My Olympics

Olympics The Olympic Games have come and gone and have left us all with images we will retain for a long time. Rio hosted the Summer games this time around and I honestly thought it ¬†would be an unmitigated disaster. Between the crime and the pollution in the water, I was just waiting for something… Read more My Olympics